bendeta-gordon Founder Bendeta Gordon

Quote by Bendeta Gordon

There are elements of franchising that are unrivalled by any other channel to market:

  • it is a business eco-system;
  • the creation of a multi-layered business community;
  • alignment of personal and business objectives;
  • transfer of skills;
  • unification of a group and individual;
  • the creation of sustainable employment;
  • fair sharing of rewards of hard work.”

Bendeta is a chartered accountant who has specialized is marketing and distribution channel development. She started her career with Kessel Feinstein establishing the first formal management consultancy specializing in franchise development.

Her passion for the mechanism inspired the establishment of pioneering businesses in South Africa:

  • Franchize Directions which specializes in assisting businesses with their distribution and marketing channels,

developing new franchise systems, advising existing franchisors and specialized training for franchisors and franchisees.

  • The first South Africa private equity fund Franchize Partners.
  • The Franchise Factor which is groundbreaking research into the growth of franchising publishing reports since 1994.
  • The first specialized training business focusing on franchisors and franchisees