The Plague of 2019 – Executive Fraud

18 July 2019

The citizens of South Africa are prejudiced by the extent of fraud, misrepresentation and corruption in the public sector.  What is fascinating is the boldness and entitlement demonstrated by the perpetrators and the cowardly complicity of the bystande …

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A standing ovation for the franchised Restaurant production?

29 April 2019

Lately I’ve been intrigued by the measurements we use to assess the success of a franchised business. Is it franchisor profitability? Is it franchisee satisfaction? Is it franchisee sustainability? Broadway musicals come to mind. Despite evolving from movie productions such as The Lion King, or from novels such as The Wizard of Oz, these theatre productions delight audiences for decades.

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What to consider when purchasing a franchise

26 September 2018

South Africa punches above its weight when it comes to franchising, and food franchising in particular.

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