Psychometric Testing for Potential Franchisees


Do you have the RIGHT TOOLS in your recruitment box?

The Franchise Pro™ is a cost effective online tool that:

  • Is designed to assist Franchise systems in the selection of franchisees who are most likely to be successful.
  • Reports on the traits and attitudes that have been shown to be relevant to success in operation various types of franchisees.
  • Shows the individual’s best fit to different types of franchises.
  • Provides a comprehensive report on strengths and potential growth opportunities relevant to franchisee success.

Key measurement areas include the following:

  • The candidate’s preferred franchise environment
  • The amount of Head Office support required
  • Partnership Orientation & Service Orientation.
  • Entrepreneurial vs. Intrapreneurial
  • Adherence to a franchise system
  • People Orientation and Dispute Resolution
  • Major Motivators

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