A Franchisee’s Perspective (John Baladakis)

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If you are in a franchise relationship, or considering one, Profitable Partnerships is possibly the most important book you’ll read this year.



“A Franchisee’s Perspective” is a simple yet informative, easy to read, business book. It is aimed at potential entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business and want to explore

Franchising as a way forward.

It briefly tackles the journey from “clueless” to “assessing a business opportunity”. It continues with the intricacies of actually starting a business and, finally, gives some tips on its daily management.

The book is intended to make the reader feel as if he or she is navigating the mind of a seasoned Franchisee. However, its value is to be found in its simplicity.


John’s fascination with his father’s decision to leave the comfort of his professional corporate career for the tough world of “Corner Shop Supermarkets” impressed on him an entrepreneurial culture.

Once he had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, his longing to be the one determining his destiny, created a “franchisee” of him in his early twenties. In this book he shares experiences, pitfalls and strategies as a franchisee of 11 years with one of South Africa’s leading retail brands, in an effort to encourage prospective franchisees to take the plunge.